10th Jul 2020

A move towards online exams gathers pace in South Africa

Learning-software company signs partnership deal that enables remote, paperless examinations Johannesburg, 10 July – New Leaf Technologies, which provides best-of-breed learning software and services to corporations, […]
1st Jun 2017

Content and content marketing: moving pictures

The importance of quality content is about standing out in a market that’s overly saturated with online media at the moment.
4th May 2017

Brand activations : the X factor

Event management, an important discipline within the overall brand-activation mix, is all about creating the kind of buzz that genuinely piques people’s interest. In the lead-up to this year’s Cape Town Carnival, for instance, three buzz-creating mini-events were held to raise interest in the carnival and keep it firmly in the public focus.
12th Apr 2017

Brand activation through event marketing

It’s said that in any marketing/PR campaign, content is king. This, of course, means quality content. So forget the hard sell and/or dry press releases. Today’s audiences are looking for content that they can really engage with. In this first of a two-part series, we talk to Ross Hillier, photographer and filmmaker, about what makes quality film content.
28th Mar 2017

The rise of the influencer

Ads are old news. Today, consumers want content that informs and entertains. And what better way to provide that than through high-profile personalities whose opinions consumers value.
14th Mar 2017

The rise of the influencer

Ads are old news. Today, consumers want content that informs and entertains. And what better way to provide that than through high-profile personalities whose opinions consumers value.
28th Feb 2017
story telling

Storytelling, shareability and other key ingredients for successful digital communication.

Estée de Villiers has her finger firmly on the social-media and digital-marketing pulse. She tells us who’s getting it right and why, and reveals a few surprising trends, including a move away from Facebook, partly because people are finally beginning to value their privacy.
7th Feb 2017
Coming soon to a device near you

Coming soon to a device near you… digital marketing trends to watch out for this year

Social media is no longer just for keeping in touch, boasting about what you had for breakfast and posting artfully filtered pics of your hols. It’s now a bona-fide mainstream marketing tool. Our digital marketing expert Michael Richards tells us what’s coming down the wire in 2017.
2nd Oct 2014

10 Differences Between Marketing and PR

There’s an old saying that goes, “Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for.” Working in public relations, this speaks volumes for us, as objective coverage solicited from reputable news mediums and publications has a wonderful effect on increasing our clients’ brand awareness and ultimately their bottom line.
19th Jun 2014

Defining your unique selling proposition for PR.

In any modern-day business and especially in PR, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. With the hundreds, if not thousands of other companies out there selling or offering similar products or services, these days companies have to answer the question of why people should buy from them, as opposed to someone else.
2nd Jun 2014

How to find the right media for your PR story

In the realm of public relations, there are a multitude of skills that one has to acquire and hone in order to run a successful campaign. One of the most vital of these is the ability to target and obtain the right press and media coverage for clients. Here are a few pointers on how best to find the most relevant media for your PR story.
27th May 2014

Five reasons you should take your writing more seriously

In the field of public relations, we deal with a lot of content on a daily basis. From press releases, email pitches and blog articles, we have learnt that there is no substitute for polished, relevant and informed written content. Here are five reasons why effective writing should matter to you.
21st May 2014

A Few Of The Benefits Of PR

Whether you manage your own PR or employ a specialist or agency to do it for you, if done right public relations can yield the most spectacular of returns and adds tremendous value to any business. Here are some of the benefits associated with good PR.
15th May 2014

What is PR | Public Relations

Public Relations can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people and to try find a succinct definition although possible tends to define the profession in a very narrow sense. So in order to keep this article short we will rather define what PR means to us. Encompassing a multitude of disciplines, PR is in its essence is the process of