Although we pride ourselves in developing for clients a sound strategy, relatable and cool creative outlay, and a campaign that’s cost competitive, those aren’t our selling points. Our people are. We’re a small but very skilled team that’s hands-on and agile, and our personal values reflect those of the company. When there’s a fundamental connection between who we are as people and what you do as a business – when a synergy exists between our own values, both personal and professional, and those of you and your company – that’s when the magic happens.

Craig Dummett



Craig, who has more than 20 years of solid industry experience, is the anchor of all client relationships. He got his start under the mentorship of industry pioneers, including Jeremy and Annette Cowley Nel, Marcus Brewster and Sarah Rice, and has since worked across a broad range of client industries. He’s managed several former employees who’ve gone on to build successful careers for themselves in PR and marketing. In 2013, after reaching a rock bottom in his recovery from a lifelong illness, he began to develop an interest in working with brands and organisations that have the ability to transform the lives of others where it’s really needed, often by meaningfully addressing deep societal needs. He strives to align his personal story and values with those of clients who are in need of a communicator who operates from the heart, from a place of conviction, and with empathy, skill and passion.

Jenny Dummett

Account Manager

Jenny has been the agency’s invaluable publicity generator for the last eight years, thanks partly to her meticulous attention to detail, good old-fashioned ethics and warm people skills, appreciated by journalists and influencers in the exchange of ideas and content between the agency and media houses. Her pitching skills are solid and admirable, often materialising in quality, feature-driven coverage for clients. She won’t rest until publicity targets of a client campaign have been met if not exceeded.

Natascha Conradie

Account Executive

Natascha is the backbone of many of our client campaigns, fulfilling the role of account executive and providing crucial on-the-ground support to Jenny, Maria and Craig. A trained accounting bookkeeper, recruitment agent and hospitality manager, her attention to detail, warm people skills and no-holds-barred approach to getting the job done have won her the support and affection of colleagues and clients.

Tracey Hawthorne

Senior Writer and Copy-Editor

An award-winning writer and editor with over 30 years of experience across a vast subject range and many media platforms, Tracey contributes to the production of content that’s accurate, compelling and perfectly fits the brief.

Michael Richards

Digital Marketing Expert

A digital-marketing expert with many years of experience, servicing businesses both locally and abroad, and across all marketing channels, including search engine optimisation (SEO), content, PR and social media. His holistic approach and refined methodology, in-depth analytical understanding and strong focus on customer experience come together to create digital strategies that work.

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When a synergy exists between our own values, both personal and professional, and those of you and your company – that’s when the magic happens.