12th May 2022

Transforming employee engagement and talent retention

Johannesburg, 12 May 2022 – In the melting pot of employee, company and expectation, there is one key ingredient that holds everything together – the human […]
9th May 2022

Bidvest International Logistics makes it six in a row at PMR awards

Logistics company maintains stellar record in annual survey recognising service provision excellence JOHANNESBURG, 9 May 2022 – Bidvest International Logistics (BIL) has won the prestigious PMR […]
5th May 2022

Training vital if South African companies are to compete in lucrative wellness industry 

The global health & wellness sector is worth R23-trillion annually. If local companies operating in this space want their share of the pie, staff have to […]
3rd May 2022

Antibribery standardisation can help win business confidence back

South African companies can still win international clients if they establish accredited anti-corruption compliance programmes and management systems, says WWISE Johannesburg 03 May 2022 – As […]
14th Apr 2022

Record numbers at 2022 eLearning Indaba

The first New Leaf Technologies eLearning Indaba session of the year provided valuable insights on where the Learning and Development space is headed and what aspects […]
14th Apr 2022

How education organisations used blended learning to overcome Covid-19 challenges

Integrating technology into the education space when the pandemic hit was a massive undertaking. This is how beneficiaries funded by the Datatec Educational and Technology Foundation […]
28th Mar 2022

Why South Africa is primed to develop green energy practitioners

By effectively rolling out relevant renewables e-learning programmes at the company, organisational and TVET college level, the country can create thousands of jobs and 28 March […]
24th Mar 2022

People are a saving grace for a Covid-weary logistics/supply-chain industry under enormous pressure

JOHANNESBURG, 24 March 2022 – As much as automated systems are revolutionising supply chains, human capital – and more importantly, the quality thereof – remains paramount. […]
14th Mar 2022
business value

The business value of holistic solution providers

Johannesburg, 14 March 2022 – The value of outsourcing services and solutions to optimise the business and its bottom line can’t be understated. With a trusted […]