Choosing a reliable, purse-friendly parcel delivery option:

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Choosing a reliable, purse-friendly parcel delivery option:

Who, where and what to look out for

Cape Town 26 June 2023 – Ask any shopper what they want most out of their shopping experience and they will invariably say “convenience”.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought home that omnichannel shopping is prized by millions of South Africans, with the result that there are now numerous ways to buy and pay for items.

What it’s meant is that retailers have had to invest heavily in delivery services if they are to meet shoppers’ expectations of speed and convenience.

The question is which delivery option is best suited to your needs. Below are the most well-known.

  • Standard delivery: The retailer ships the purchased items to the shopper’s home address within a specified timeframe. Standard delivery times can range from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Express or expedited delivery: Express delivery typically guarantees delivery within a shorter timeframe, often within 1-3 business days. It includes overnight or priority shipping, which may come with an additional cost.
  • Same-day or next-day delivery: Some retailers, especially larger ones or those that partner with courier services, offer same-day or next-day delivery options. This means that the shopper can receive their order within hours or the following day after placing it.
  • Click and collect: With click and collect, shoppers have the option to purchase items online and pick them up from a designated store or collection point. This allows shoppers to avoid delivery fees and have more control over when and where they receive their purchases.
  • Scheduled or time-slot delivery: Some retailers offer the ability to schedule a specific delivery time or choose a preferred delivery time slot.

Shoppers are typically presented with these options during the online checkout process.

According to Lars Veul, co-founder and CEO of South African click & collect specialist Pargo, there are several aspects shoppers should consider before selecting their delivery option.

“The first is speed of delivery. If time is a crucial factor, they may opt for express or same-day delivery, which generally comes with higher costs. Standard delivery is typically more cost-effective but may take longer,” he says.

“The second factor is cost. Faster delivery methods, such as express or same-day, tend to be more expensive than standard delivery. Free delivery may be available for orders above a certain value or for specific promotions.”

Veul also advises that shoppers prioritise reliability and tracking and look out for reputable delivery providers that allow shoppers to monitor the progress of their parcels.

Another box to tick is ensuring the delivery option includes insurance or additional security measures to protect their purchases. Insurance coverage can provide financial protection in case of loss, damage, or theft in transit.

Importantly, convenience and flexibility must always be offered, Veul says. “Some shoppers may prefer scheduled delivery slots to ensure they are available to receive the parcel. Click and collect options may be convenient for those who want to pick up their items from a nearby store or collection point.”

All these factors can have an impact on the overall cost and experience of the delivery.

Measuring which delivery provider is a relatively simply process and can be done in several ways.

Shoppers could research the business online and take heed of what others are saying. They could also similarly assess its delivery track record.

In addition, services that offer responsive customer support are usually of a better standard. Family, friends and community groups recommending the service is another good way to gauge its effectiveness.

Finally, Veul says shoppers should choose a delivery day and time that suits their specific circumstances, including work schedule, availability, and personal preferences.

“By considering these factors and aligning them with the delivery options provided by the retailer, shoppers can choose a delivery time that maximises their convenience and ensures a smooth and successful delivery experience.”

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About Pargo:

Pargo is a Cape Town-based tech company that solves the challenges of last-mile logistics through its smart logistics platform and fulfilment solutions, which are anchored by a vast, nationwide network of thousands of Pargo Pickup Points. Pioneering Click & Collect back in 2015, Pargo continues to develop their technology and processes to make fulfilment solutions fit for the African logistics landscape, including Home Delivery, Returns and micro-warehousing. Clients that use their tech include Edgars, rain, TFG, Cape Union Mart,Clicks and HomeChoice. Lars Veul is the CEO and co-founder of Pargo, a smart logistics platform that simplifies online delivery through its tech-enabled network of Pargo access points. Prior to starting Pargo, Lars was part of the founding team at Groupon, where he headed up the online marketplace, which exposed him to the challenges of online delivery. He is also an Alibaba eFounders fellow and is part of Endeavor.

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