TECNO CAMON 17P finally launches in South Africa with a boost from an insightful selfie documentary

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20th Oct 2021
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21st Oct 2021

TECNO CAMON 17P finally launches in South Africa with a boost from an insightful selfie documentary

The launch of the world’s clearest selfie-camera smartphone in South Africa is preceded by a insightful film looking at the evolution of the selfie phenomenon that changed the world

Johannesburg, 21 October 2021 – October marks the arrival of TECNO Mobile’s ground-breaking CAMON 17P smartphone in South Africa, a sleek, state-of-the-art device perfected for the new generation.

The CAMON 17P is the ultimate tool for today’s digital movers and shakers, who require smartphones able to produce sublime photographic and video content that can be shared extensively on their social channels
TECNO’s rise on the continent can be attributed not only to affordability, but offering consumers cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the overall user experience.

The CAMON 17P boasts what TECNO believes to be the clearest selfie camera on the market.

Transsion-owned TECNO topped handset sales in Africa in 2020, confirming its status as the Number 1 smartphone brand on the continent, and it’s not hard to see why.

Retailing at R4999, the CAMON 17P boasts a massive 6.8” FHD+ IPS Hole screen is complemented by a 16MP Clear Selfie Camera and 64MP AI Camera and complemented with a super-efficient G85 Octa-core processor which ensures that animations are smoother, games are more immersive and networking is faster.

“The 8 core CPU with HyperEngine game optimization is our fastest chip yet, giving users exceptional performance. Also, intelligent scheduling and balancing allows for reallocation of resources to ensure maximum power efficiency so that your battery will last longer,” says TECNO Chief Marketing Officer, Danni Xu.

With a 5000mAh 18W Flash charging battery your phone is ready to go when you are and a 6GB memory which allows for seamless multitasking and smooth video playback giving you an uninterrupted and an effortlessly smooth experience.

TECNO has always understood younger smartphone users, which explains why it topped handset sales in Africa in 2020, confirming its status as the Number 1 smartphone brand.

“We understand the younger generations need for superior technology to communicate and bring their ideas to the world. In developing our smartphones, we pay special attention to camera features since selfies have become such an important part of millennial and GenZ users’ online identities,” continues Danni Xu.

To celebrate the launch of the CAMON 17P, TECNO has produced a stunning new documentary, Rise of the Selfie, which celebrates the phenomenon that changed the world.

“Rise of the Selfie” dives into the selfie’s history and why it has become such an essential feature of the current generation.

The film aligns with what TECNO has always championed: a smartphone is not about the brand, but about consumers themselves.

The documentary explores ways of looking at the future in terms of self-expression, both for individuals and groups.

Valuable insights are shared by experts like psychology professor Thomas Curran, photography reader Eugenie Shinkle, and renowned tech journalist Lucy Hedges.

These experts introduce the audience to the lesser-known history of the selfie, before taking them on a journey of its evolution and why it has become so important for modern generations.

In the film, fashion model Sara Johansen illustrates how selfies are a game-changer for people who are not celebrities to become influencers themselves.

Sara explains how selfie phones like the CAMON 17P allow users to control their own images by taking photos that showcase the best of themselves.

The CAMON 17P uses next generation TAIVOS (TECNO AI Vision Optimisation Solution) 2.0 to optimise the camera settings based on the user’s scenery changes.

In the past 18 months, selfies have also taken on another important function. The impact of Covid-19 and lockdowns has meant that people have struggled in stay in touch in person, but thanks to selfies they are able to let their family and friends know where they are and what they are doing.

TECNO’s CAMON series simplifies the process of taking photographs, and makes it enjoyable even for those not well-versed in technology.

The FHD screen’s high-quality display provides users incomparable clarity as they chat over video calls, while they can also fully immerse themselves in high-definition videos and games.

Thanks to documentaries like Rise of the Selfie, TECNO is proving to be a global thought leader contributing to the conversation over technology’s future.


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