itel Mobile revitalizes township economy in celebration of Heritage Month

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itel Mobile revitalizes township economy in celebration of Heritage Month

Several small business entrepreneurs now have a fully-equipped base from which to start their businesses and revitalise the township economy

Johannesburg, 1 October 2021 – As part of its ongoing commitment to uplifting South African communities, global mobile brand itel, is celebrating Heritage month by donating mobile containers to unemployed individuals in various Gauteng townships including Tembisa, Soweto and Cosmos City.

Acutely aware of South Africa’s record unemployment rate of 34.4%, with joblessness in Gauteng sitting even higher at 35.4%, itel has recognised that empowering small businesses like spaza shops, shoe-cleaning enterprises and catering businesses is key to boosting the township economy.

Prior to the arrival of the pandemic, the informal sector employed some five-million people and contributed more than 5% of the country’s total GDP, according to Statistics South Africa. However, the sector has contracted significantly as the pandemic cut a destructive path through communities, diminishing spending power and forcing many traders out of business.

itel, however, believes that more investment initiatives by corporate South Africa, will not only empower the entrepreneurs but place them in a position to create employment for others.

“For us, celebrating South African heritage, also means that we immerse our brand in the social fabric of the country by finding ways to address the social challenges that face our South African consumers.

Our aim is to use technology as a democratizing tool and find ways to contribute to bridging the socio-economic disparities in communities.

Many social ills are a result of unemployment, and our mission is to create business opportunities as possible to circumvent this challenge,” says Wavelet Wu, General Manager of itel.

The donation of the containers to beneficiaries identified by community groups, clubs and religious structures in Tembisa, including Cosmos City, Rabie Ridge, Hospital View, Ivory Park , Etafeni, eSangweni, Winnie Mandela and Bram Fischer, captures the true spirit of ubuntu, and represents the first of many such projects to be rolled out by itel across South Africa.

The containers, which were officially handed over between 16 and 22 September in time for Heritage Day, are located at beneficiaries’ properties or in communal areas such as church yards, making them easy to locate and access by the local community.

Each container has been customised and converted to suit the respective businesses, and is equipped with electricity, a steady water supply and plumbing.

Containers have been customized based on the needs of the respective business requirements and necessary security features.

“Through this investment, we want to boost entrepreneurial skills and help to create a sustainable business ecosystem in townships that will ensure that the rand recirculates in the township.

In a society with high unemployment, entrepreneurship becomes paramount and we want to play our part in fostering a culture of self-sustainability ,” Wu says.

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