Five reasons you should take your writing more seriously

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21st May 2014
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2nd Jun 2014

Five reasons you should take your writing more seriously


In the field of public relations, we deal with a lot of content on a daily basis. From press releases, email pitches and blog articles, we have learnt that there is no substitute for polished, relevant and informed written content. Here are five reasons why effective writing should matter to you.

Your words are all you have.

For many businesses, particularly on social media and blogging channels, your words are all that your potential clients will see and take note of. As such, they should be written immaculately.

Writing is a projection of you in your physical absence.

This being the case, for better or worse, people will judge you by your writing; if it is not up to scratch, you are going to be in for a bad time.

Good writing informs, while bad writing confuses.

Good writing can succinctly explain your service offerings and unique selling points in a topical and engaging way. Bad writing, on the other hand, takes these carefully crafted ideas and confuses the hell out of them, leaving your readers wondering what it is you do and how they managed to find themselves reading about you.

The world is made up of, for the most part, grammar police.

The world could effectively be divided into two groups of people, those who make grammatical errors, and those who take these errors as a personal affront. You can trust us when we say that you do not want to get on the wrong side of the latter.

Your audience doesn’t have time for mediocre.

With the vast amounts on content being posted on a continual basis, anything less than amazing writing is going to be skim-read at best and ignored, at worst.  Bad writing can spell disaster for some of the most amazing ideas and stories.

Writing is a tricky balancing act, juggling dozens of constraints. Writers have to think about audience, style and tone, factors that are hard to pin down. It isn’t always easy, but we hope that this article gave you some incentive to get it right. Let us know why you think writing is important!

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